About Us

About Us

We started our journey as icebeards when two tired city bred souls landed in Borong, near Ravangla, a few years back. The place mesmerized us. Though the amenities of the hotel were very basic, the nature around the hotel was boundless. There were the snow peaks, the birds, the not too cold weather and the open air resort with its quaint mountain cottages. It was as if we stumbled upon a piece of paradise.

Naturally we went back. And we kept coming back to the same place every year, as we had fallen in love with Borong.

Eventually, we formed a great relationship with the landlord Mr. Durga Dutt Sharma and all the staff which included Dhananjay, Utpal and Sushanto.

One fine day, all of us got together and planned to take the journey together, the intention was to build a sustainable  eco-friendly employee-friendly simple vacation destination which will be based on simple and honest principles. Icebeards Wild Flower Retreat was born. The journey to excellence, to a digitally enabled, eco-friendly vacation destination thus started. We wanted a place which can be a home to the photographer, the writer, the birder, the botanist or simply the nature lover.

Our Motto

Our motto was and is nature first. And we started with the belief that if we all try honestly then we can be the best hotel in Ravangla area.

More about our story will follow shortly.

Our retreat in its truest sense is at the edge of civilization. We do not have TV in our rooms, we do not have WiFi, and cellphone reception is patchy at times. We are not a brick and mortar hotel in the market, we are rather fashioned as a mountain cottage in the wilds.


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A divine retreat if you want to escape from the scorching heat of city life, Wild Flower Retreat is an absolute destination to mesmerize your senses. This secluded mountain resort is a paradise for bird watchers as it is located amidst various flora. Wild Flower Retreat spreads out over two acres of land, this resort has 6 log cottages and 8 simplistic cabins set amidst trimmed greenery. Each wooden rooms in the resort are named after the tree for instance – Oak, Pine, Juniper etc. Wild Flower Retreat offers an out of the world experience to the guests and the rooms and cottages are simple and clean. All the rooms in the resort are placed about 200 ft away from each other so the feeling of being in the lap of Mother Nature can be savoured. Furthermore, there are popular tourist attractionsto keep one accompanied around the resort like waterfalls, hanging bridges, hot springs, hidden valleys etc.


Aug 11, 2017 at 11:39

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At the no. 3 position in India for a budget peaceful resort. Situated on a valley facing the snow peaks, this resort is pretty much a wild flower surrounded by forests and greenery. A secluded resort for the mountain lover in you, the view will just keep you entranced.


Escape with your loved one & live amidst the forests at the Wild Flower Retreat in Sikkim

6 June 2017 

What’s Special: This jungle style resort in Borong, Ravangla is amongst India’s 15 most romantic resorts on a budget, because it’s a perfect retreat for couples looking for a romantic adventure in the wild.


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