Monsoon in Sikkim

Monsoon in Sikkim is now in its fullest grandeur. You will find gushing streams everywhere, often flowing on the roads. The forests are a lush green with a backdrop of vapor like clouds that appear to rise from the depths of the valley just below our retreat.

It may rain incessantly at times. However, looking at the bright sides, the waterfalls during this season become exuberant and will surely entice the enthusiast in you to pay them a visit. Other than this, for the bird watchers, the place turns into a chirpy heaven. You can even spot the rarest species of the birds at this time.

But a word of caution, monsoon in Sikkim is not for the weak-hearted. The torrential rains often wipe out roads, resulting in some stranding. However, if you want some adventure and do not mind to get wet, then check out our monsoon discounts in our home page.
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And if you want to know a little more about monsoon in Sikkim, then here is a blog that describes it well with some great photos.
Monsoons of Sikkim

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